Devices Support Engineer – SHS – Kigali, Rwanda

Purpose: Monitor and improve the performance of our SMART solar systems and appliances. Provide the communication link between the products on the ground and our Research & Development team in London/China to ensure timely, concise and accurate information on product performance and rigorous investigation into any issues.

About the role

  • Investigate PCB hardware issues
  • Investigate GSM connectivity issues
  • Investigate Lead acid and Lithium ion battery issues
  • Monitor portfolio performance and maintenance costs
  • Manage and report on investigations conducted by technicians
  • Provide technical expertise and guidance to repair team
  • Clearly and concisely report issues to team in UK and China
  • Recommend improvements to products and processes to technical team
  • Repair Centre set up and training
  • New product testing and deployment

Description of tasks:

  • Analysis of the logs of units
  • Analysis of the SMART solar data
  • Troubleshooting PCBs
  • Planning tests to validate investigation hypotheses
  • Educating technicians on repair best practice
  • Producing reports on investigation of technical issues
  • Clearly articulating investigations to Research & Development team in UK
  • Monitoring iterative product improvements and the impact on product performance
  • Recommend system improvements for monitoring and processing repairs of products
  • Overseeing East Africa product support activities

About you

You must have a degree in electronics or related subject and has worked in a technical position for three years. Personal traits should include:

  • Electronics hardware understanding: Having studied electronics you have a grounding in hardware electronics and how electronic appliances operate, you are confident using this knowledge to troubleshoot PCBs.
  • Electronics testing experience. Employ electronics knowledge to; prepare test scripts, manage tests and produce test reports for electronics appliances.
  • Mobile networks experience: You understand how mobile network function and the problems that can arise with having 10,000s of products communicating through mobile networks.
  • Knowledge of battery technologies: You have experience working with Sealed Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries and an understanding of battery management systems.
  • Understanding of code: Ideally you have experience writing Python and C, you are able to write support scripts and read through firmware to identify bugs.
  • Structured problem solver: You have experience solving electronic hardware issues and software problems, applying root cause analysis techniques and clearly articulating your method and findings.
  • You get things done: You understand how to effectively prioritise your work and manage tasks.
  • You are an excellent communicator: You will be communicating technical information with some of London’s most talented engineers and also our customers in an off-grid setting. You need to be flexible, patient and persistent. Please tell us about when you’ve had to communicate technical information in cross-cultural situations.
  • You deliver and expect the best: At BBOXX, we all strive to deliver extraordinary work to grow the solar revolution. We also expect others to do the same. Please share with us stories when you’ve had to push yourself to achieve a goal.

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