Commissioning Engineer – large scale – Malindi, Kenya

Roles & Responsibilities :

  • Study and execute the project planning as per given SLDs., Power and control scheme and equipment drawing and mentioned BOQs /BOM
  • Planning, coordination between Project manager/head and vendor team for timely completion of the Project, Erection, commissioning activities of & transmission line (Double circuit) as per IS and International standards.
  • Simulation check for WTI, OTI, MFM and protective relays for remote operations and monitoring.
  • Erection and commissioning of Switchgear equipment with different size of power and control cables.
  • Performing pre-commissioning check.
  • Documentation regarding quality compliances, pre-commissioning, post-commissioning test report carried out with the vendor.
  • Execute the DC work for both thin film and polycrystalline including cable stringing and SMB/SCB testing
  • SCADA erection and commissioning
  • Site supervision and execution during DTC installation. L.T. network, H.T. network (including cable) installation/maintenance.
  • H.T. and L.T. Cable lying as per load diversion.
  • Preventive maintenance to avoid cable fault by carrying out protection over sheath insulation to avoid insulation fault due to moisture.
  • Testing and Inspection of transformers, Cables & Poles.
  • Testing of transformer oil. Testing of DO & MCB, MCCB to verify them for reuse.
  • Material inspection & approval.
  • H.T. Network, L.T. Network, L.T.P.S., DTC quality site visit.
  • Installation and testing of autorecloser, sectionalizer and their routine maintenance. Maintaining the daily, weekly reports.
  • Installation of APFC panel for power factor improvement. Training session of the contractors & technicians.


  • Electrical Engineering graduate or Diploma.
  • Knowledge of LILO, Substation equipment for commissioning.
  • Knowledge on Interconnectivity of solar plant to Grid.
  • Knowledge of charging protocol for solar plant equipment UPS, RMU, MV Switchgear, Auxiliary System, UPS and Auxiliary DBs, PV array and SMB and Inverter.
  • The OEM (original equipment manufacturer for respective equipment testing and commissioning within limited time period.
  • Knowledge of handling every testing equipment from Megger, Primary Injection Kit, CRM kit, Breaker analyzer, CPC-100,CMC-356,CT analyzer and IV curve tracer analyzer kit.
  • Knowledge of PLC power plant controller and power quality test under the norms and contract of Grid authority.

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