API Support Engineer – SHS – Kigali, Rwanda

Bboxx has developed software to enable our in-country businesses to manage their operations. As part of building our new scale-able architecture we are developing a series of AWS microservices and using APIs to act as our main interaction between customers and systems. We intend to publish these APIs so that partners and developers can access Bboxx capabilities and further develop software on top of our platform.

Much of the work will involve communicating effectively remotely with customers who could be located anywhere on the planet. Some flexibility in working hours would be appreciated although weekend working is not required. Effective use of video conferencing, chat services, and email will be essential to success in this role and written and spoken French will be an advantage.

Job Summary 

This position will have responsibility for providing Tier 2 support to API customers of the Bboxx API services.

This is a mid level technical role that requires a combination of strong interpersonal and communication skills and strong technical skills in RESTful APIs. You will proactively accept escalated customer cases, determine the reproducibility of problems, analyse complex technical issues and work with other stakeholders to provide a resolution of the issue for the customer.

Key relationships will include other support staff, product managers, architects and developers/devops staff as well as business development and relationships staff within Bboxx. External contacts will be with both commercial and technical staff who want to make use of our APIs.

About the role

  • Use ticket management systems to accept, document, and report on customer-reported issues;
  • Interpret reported customer issues, clarifying with the customer as necessary to understand the issue the customer is experiencing;
  • Apply technical knowledge of the products, service, and relevant technologies underpinning the customer issue to analyze the issue;
  • Maintain timely, concise, and effective communication with the customer;
  • Own and manage the Customer case for its whole lifecycle;
  • Identify trends and patterns in customer-reported cases and highlight these to ensure they are appropriately prioritized;
  • Create test instances, access rights and access to documentation for users
  • Recommend improvements to API documentation

About you

  • A bachelor degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering or related field, or demonstrable equivalent experience
  • Three years of professional experience in a related technology domain
  • Demonstrated Professional experience with Web-based and RESTful APIs
  • Demonstrable knowledge of setting up and troubleshooting VPN connections
  • Excellent written communication skills both in short-form and prose styles
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills with an enthusiastic attitude to work with customers

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